Service is OUTSTANDING. The owner, Chris, calls me if he can't fill my full order or if there will be a delay. We stopped into the store one day, and he was friendly and helpful then, too...
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I think Natures Nibbles is a fabulous undertaking in a world full of mainstream PETCOs and PetSmarts. Not only does Natures Nibbles offer supremium quality foods and treats for the animal in your life, they also have free DC delivery... Thank you, Natures Nibbles!!!!
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Natures Nibbles was prompt, reliable, and very accommodating, even special-ordering a product for me.
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Ark Naturals - Ears All Right 4oz.

Ark Naturals - Ears All Right 4oz.
Ark Naturals - Ears All Right 4oz.
Item #:ARK11003-4oz
Size :4oz

Support for pets with itchy ears, gunky and smelly ears ...& just makes your petís ears FEEL GOOD! A gentle ear cleaning lotion formulated to clean and maintain your petís ear health. Healthy pet ears should not smell! We recommend you actually smell the inside of your petís ears. If they smell Ďstinkyí we recommend you use Ears all Right Proper use of Ears All Right supports your petís ear health by breaking down and removing wax and foreign debris. Ears all Right is especially effective in reducing occasional redness, irritations and infestations.
Recommended Use: For pets with sensitive, inflamed, or encrusted ears. INITIAL USE: Squeeze 5 Ė 10 drops directly into the ear canal. Allow to soak, and then attempt to clean ear with clean cotton ball. Repeat 2 Ė 3 times a day as needed. MAINTENANCE: Squeeze onto cotton ball and gently clean and swab ear and ear canal. Clean ear internally and externally. Do not use the same cotton ball or swab in each ear. Always clean pets ears after swimming and bathing and when pet has been playing in insect ridden area. Active Ingredients: ∑ Aloe Vera Gel (whole leaf) ∑ Isopropanol USP ∑ Glycerine 99.5% ∑ Calendula extract ∑ Rosemary extract ∑ Myrrh extract ∑ Cinnamon oil Inactive Ingredients: ∑ De-ionized water