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Locally Grown or Made in the Alexandria, VA Area!

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Kick off your grilling days with Pasture Raised meats from Whiffle Tree Farms out of Warrenton, Va! Bratwursts! Ground Beef and Ground Lamb! Lamb Grillers, Bone in Chicken Thighs! Leg & Thigh combos! Boneless Chicken Breast...and more!

Compliment your BBQ with Family Owned Beers, Sugar-Free Hard Cider from local Alexandria Lost Boy Cider! Sugar-Free and Organic Wines! Hard Kombucha? Why, YES!


Olie Pop Sodas! Olie Pop sodas contain unique ingredients with research-backed nutritional benefits. Every can contains 9 grams of prebiotic fiber from chicory root, Jerusalem artichoke, and cassava root. Plus other ingredients that can help support digestive health and a healthy microbiome...but the kids don't need to know!

Last But Not Least - ICE CREAM!

Homestead Creamery and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream available in many flavors. Vegan Ice Cream, as well!